25 May 2010

Liberty Exhibit

Liberty & Co., purveyors of fabrics, decorative arts, 
and other wonders appealing to stunners are having an Arts and Crafts exhibition this summer.

"The Exhibition will feature fantastic Arts and Crafts furniture pieces by Arthur Simpson, Guild of Handicraft, Cotswold School, Shapland and Petter, alongside some later pieces by Heals and Betty Joel. The range will also include embroideries, vases, tiles, pictures, screens, silver ware and clocks by designers and manufacturers such as: William De Morgan, Archibald Knox, Lewis F Day, Voysey, Compton Pottery, Mintons and the Rowley Gallery."

I really wish I could attend, not only to see this fantastic assemblage of Arts and Crafts treasures, but also to peruse Liberty's modern wares.  It has been very exciting to see Liberty partnering with Target and MAC this year, and to have access to Liberty items here in the states.   But to be honest, none of those offerings appealed to me, after all my anticipation.  The MAC makeup colors weren't really me (although a Strawberry Thief lipstick tube is pretty charming!) and the Target items were sadly lacking in Morris prints or even Liberty's trademark Ianthe print.

If you are looking for affordable or discounted "real" Liberty items you can always check eBay.  I have seen several handbags and wallets recently listed.  And Yoox.com also carries Liberty, although not at much of a discount.  I really love this wallet.

11 May 2010

The Titania Project

Dear readers, I wanted to let you know about a wonderful project by film maker Lisa Stock.  Lisa is currently filming "Titania", the first installment in her Medisaga Trilogy, which re-interprets the fairy tale of The Armless Maiden, through the faery queen Titania, and other characters from Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream, as well as Greek mythology. After Titania's wings are violently torn from her body she must embark on a journey of healing to
become whole again.  Lisa has started a
Kickstarter page to find backers and raise funds to complete this unique and beautiful film.  I truly feel that keeping myth and magic alive in today's world is so important, and hope you will check out Lisa's web page and Kickstarter page to find out more about her project.  Donations can be as low as $5 and each donation level includes very exciting and generous incentives.  The hitch is, with Kickstarter, you only get the money raised if your project is fully funded.  Lisa is trying to raise $10,000 and with 9 days to go she still needs to raise a little over $3,000.  The giving process is very simple and using Amazon payments system, and if the project is not fully funded, you give nothing (however we certainly hope it is, and more so!)

And in keeping with 21st Century Style, there is another exciting way you can participate in "Titania."  Jen Parrish of Parrish Relics has created a gorgeous headpiece (which will be used in the film) and necklace which she is donating to help raise money for "Titania."  

Photo © Jen Parrish / Parrish Relics

The auction is up now on eBay.  Don't miss out on this chance to own a very special and unique set of Jen's creations!
Thank you so much for taking the time to read about this magical project and I hope you can support Titania!  

Show off your Stunner Style

If you have not yet taken a look at the Wiki entry on Bohemian Style, it is well worth a glance, and nicely enumerates the ways in which "Stunner Style" has evolved over the years.  The qualities I most appreciate about PRB style are individuality and and the fostering of beauty in everyday life.  It’s a style that can manifest in many ways, though perhaps being strongly grounded in a Medievalism and Bohemianism, and is completely open to interpretation.

PRB style isn’t just Ophelia’s rippling hair; it’s also Viola cross-dressing in dandy velvet duds in Shakespeare’s lively “Twelfth Night," 
"Twelfth Night by Walter Deverell"

or the similarly attired "The Little Foot Page" by Eleanor Fortestcue Brickdale.

Stunners are lean and languid like Elizabeth Siddal, or joyously voluptuous like Fanny Cornforth.
   Elizabeth Siddal by D. G. Rossetti             
Woman Combing Her Hair (Fanny Cornforth) by D. G. Rossetti

Stunner style embraces Bohemian beauties, Medieval maidens and Gothic sorceresses.  It's a little bit Victorian and a little bit rock and roll ;-) 

I have noticed a trend of posting "reader outfits" in other fashion blogs, and would love to do that here.  Feel free to send me photos of you in your favorite PRB-influenced outfits any time and I will post them here. Anything goes and it is all in the spirit of fun.  Send all pics to 21stcenturystunner "at" gmail "dot" com

Until next time, stay stunning! ;-)

05 May 2010

Parrish Relics

"Romantic & Mythic, a collection of unique handcrafted jewelry inspired by the ornate designs of ages past & the grandeur of Venetian Architecture.
Spiritual and Historical symbols created of resilient clay, stained glass, semi-precious stones, scented resins and glass vessels. Finished with the handpainted patinas of antiqued silver or gold finish for a romantic, aged presence."

It goes without saying that many followers of PRB style are already in love with Jen Parrish's wonderful jewelry.  But this blog would be woefully incomplete without a post on Parrish Relics!  
Jen beautifully captures the spirit of Medieval and Renaissance elegance in her jewelry, often incorporating Pre-Raphaelite imagery in her pictorial pieces.
You can check out her webiste here for custome orders and more information, and her ready-to-wear Etsy shop here.  And don't forget to check Jen's blog of inspriations.

I treasure the Relics in my growing collection and wear one or more of them almost every day.  The craftsmanship and creativity in each piece of jewelry is truly stunning.

Here are some of the pieces in my collection :-)

All images © Parrish Relics / Jen Parrish 

01 May 2010

In case you have a spare $13,500 to spend

A beautiful Mariano Fortuny gown is available on eBay at the moment:

If that's not quite in your budget, you can always peruse some lovely modern Fortuny items at the Venetia Studium online shop ( I had trouble with these sites in Google Chrome), including bags, scarves, shawls, pins 
and jewel purses.  Sadly dresses can only be purchased in the shops.  Fortuny also now has a flagship fabric store in New York, if you like to make your own creations.  

While working in the Symbolist and Nouveau period, Fortuny's designs embrace a love a craftsmanship and handwork prized by the Pre-Raphaelites.  His loose gowns, hand-dyed, hand-printed or painted fabrics and love of times past and Eastern art would have pleased any fan of Aesthetic Dress.