25 May 2010

Liberty Exhibit

Liberty & Co., purveyors of fabrics, decorative arts, 
and other wonders appealing to stunners are having an Arts and Crafts exhibition this summer.

"The Exhibition will feature fantastic Arts and Crafts furniture pieces by Arthur Simpson, Guild of Handicraft, Cotswold School, Shapland and Petter, alongside some later pieces by Heals and Betty Joel. The range will also include embroideries, vases, tiles, pictures, screens, silver ware and clocks by designers and manufacturers such as: William De Morgan, Archibald Knox, Lewis F Day, Voysey, Compton Pottery, Mintons and the Rowley Gallery."

I really wish I could attend, not only to see this fantastic assemblage of Arts and Crafts treasures, but also to peruse Liberty's modern wares.  It has been very exciting to see Liberty partnering with Target and MAC this year, and to have access to Liberty items here in the states.   But to be honest, none of those offerings appealed to me, after all my anticipation.  The MAC makeup colors weren't really me (although a Strawberry Thief lipstick tube is pretty charming!) and the Target items were sadly lacking in Morris prints or even Liberty's trademark Ianthe print.

If you are looking for affordable or discounted "real" Liberty items you can always check eBay.  I have seen several handbags and wallets recently listed.  And Yoox.com also carries Liberty, although not at much of a discount.  I really love this wallet.


  1. I'd need to spend half a year in the UK to see all I want, weeks in London alone:) Don't even get me started on Glasgow, Birmingham or Yorkshire.

    Our local Target had a few of the Liberty items already in clearance.

    That wallet is exquisite!! Thanks for the link.

  2. I hear you...too much beauty, too little time and money!