05 May 2010

Parrish Relics

"Romantic & Mythic, a collection of unique handcrafted jewelry inspired by the ornate designs of ages past & the grandeur of Venetian Architecture.
Spiritual and Historical symbols created of resilient clay, stained glass, semi-precious stones, scented resins and glass vessels. Finished with the handpainted patinas of antiqued silver or gold finish for a romantic, aged presence."

It goes without saying that many followers of PRB style are already in love with Jen Parrish's wonderful jewelry.  But this blog would be woefully incomplete without a post on Parrish Relics!  
Jen beautifully captures the spirit of Medieval and Renaissance elegance in her jewelry, often incorporating Pre-Raphaelite imagery in her pictorial pieces.
You can check out her webiste here for custome orders and more information, and her ready-to-wear Etsy shop here.  And don't forget to check Jen's blog of inspriations.

I treasure the Relics in my growing collection and wear one or more of them almost every day.  The craftsmanship and creativity in each piece of jewelry is truly stunning.

Here are some of the pieces in my collection :-)

All images © Parrish Relics / Jen Parrish 


  1. I treasure each and every one of mine too.

    And I so love to giggle when I see which friend bought which piece.

  2. Thank you so much for this beautiful write up~!

  3. You are most welcome! So excited for your new projects and direction :-D xhugs!