11 May 2010

Show off your Stunner Style

If you have not yet taken a look at the Wiki entry on Bohemian Style, it is well worth a glance, and nicely enumerates the ways in which "Stunner Style" has evolved over the years.  The qualities I most appreciate about PRB style are individuality and and the fostering of beauty in everyday life.  It’s a style that can manifest in many ways, though perhaps being strongly grounded in a Medievalism and Bohemianism, and is completely open to interpretation.

PRB style isn’t just Ophelia’s rippling hair; it’s also Viola cross-dressing in dandy velvet duds in Shakespeare’s lively “Twelfth Night," 
"Twelfth Night by Walter Deverell"

or the similarly attired "The Little Foot Page" by Eleanor Fortestcue Brickdale.

Stunners are lean and languid like Elizabeth Siddal, or joyously voluptuous like Fanny Cornforth.
   Elizabeth Siddal by D. G. Rossetti             
Woman Combing Her Hair (Fanny Cornforth) by D. G. Rossetti

Stunner style embraces Bohemian beauties, Medieval maidens and Gothic sorceresses.  It's a little bit Victorian and a little bit rock and roll ;-) 

I have noticed a trend of posting "reader outfits" in other fashion blogs, and would love to do that here.  Feel free to send me photos of you in your favorite PRB-influenced outfits any time and I will post them here. Anything goes and it is all in the spirit of fun.  Send all pics to 21stcenturystunner "at" gmail "dot" com

Until next time, stay stunning! ;-)

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