09 June 2010

Crowning Glory

There is no doubt that long, rippling hair is a hallmark of Pre-Raphaelite style, and Stunners of yesteryear were known for their free-flowing locks, often quite shockingly worn loose in stark contrast to the more prim and conventional Victorian up-dos.  As I mentioned here, I think Pre-Raphaelite style can encompass many looks, but I thought it might be fun to look at some ways to express this traditional style.  I, myself, have, in my adult life,  had hair that is down to the small of my back, and hair in an extreme pixie cut, and everything in between. Right now my hair is at about bra-strap length, and I enjoy it.  But sometimes it is a bit of a challenge.

Long hair comes and goes out of fashion, and for some it seems to fall into the category of "wedding hair" or for dress-up occasions.  No surprise, considering long, styled hair can be a challenge to manege.
Caitlin Moran's determination to embrace Pre-Raphaelite hair as a statement of individuality is quite refreshing.  But even she admits to being exhausted by all of that hair and needing to rein it in a bit.  If you sport long locks how do you keep them under control?

Grace of the Beautiful Necessity has two very great posts of Pre-Raphaelite Hair, as does Margaret of The Earthly Paradise.  There is also a nice article on the cult of red hair at the Morbid Outlook site.  Do you sport flowing locks or do you embrace a more gamine stunner style?  Care to share any styling or hair care tips with us?

 As Grace mentions, the triple barrel curling iron is wonderful for creating waves and ripples.

Sometimes some simple accessories can assist like large barrettes meant for long hair

or the use of graceful yet simple braids to to hold your hair back.

Cauls and snoods can be fun and add a bit of eccentric antiquity to an outfit.

And just for fun, check out all of this Pre-Raphaelite hair on Flickr!


  1. As one who channels her "inner Rapunzel", I so love this post! My own hair is a bit shorter than the mid-hip length I sported back in the early 90s; now a good hip-grazing length.

    Mostly, I wear mine long and loose with Warrior Braids my weapon of choice for keeping it out of my face. I'd really like to experiment a bit more and maybe our wonderful images will prompt me to do so.

  2. Edit: I should have written "mid-thigh".

    Your posting of Princess Isabelle will certainly inspire me to experiment!

  3. I have this problem where I love both pixie short hair and goddess long locks, and pretty much nothing in between. I have had both, the short most recently and the past my elbows length when I first went off to college. It was also a lovely strawberry blonde, as in the above picture! But of course you cannot have both styles within, oh three years of one another? That is a big problem, as I am not patient and my hair is thick and greasy & gets annoying as it creeps to my shoulders. Plus I do look very cute with a pixie cut, so pictures tempt me back to it! Anyway, it is at my chin right now and I HATE it, so this post is torturing me! Hahaha.

  4. Jackie, I know exactly what you mean. I always wish I could go back and forth between a cute bob with bangs, and long hair. Makes me wish I were a Crissy doll! (which you are probably too young to remember :-) )
    Love the pixie cut on you! And the Little Red outfit :-) One of my fave characters!

  5. This post makes me miss my long hair! I recently cut my hair to just above my shoulders and added bangs. I adore long hair but whenever my hair gets past my bra strap line, the ends are really thin and I come too close to looking like a freaky religious person! I do love red hair and I've always wanted raven locks! Thanks for this post and the flickr link!

  6. "I come too close to looking like a freaky religious person!" lol, J.!! It always looks lovely to me! Your bangs sound so cute!

  7. I've had long hair for over 20 years, and initially I began growing it "all one length" in my hippie-days; call it the purist in me, lol...then eventually, I cut some layers into it (even cutting it at all was a difficult move for me)! but once I realized I could grow it back, I got less nervous each time I've gone back...it has grown so long (i.e., way past the small of my back) that I couldn't enjoy wearing it down & often times resorted to pony-tails and buns because it was so heavy and just got everywhere! Since I've had a 'V' cut, it's still long (longest part is to the small of my back), but more wear-able -- plus, the layers add texture & curl, since I have very thick hair...I honestly don't think I'll ever wear it short; I don't care what they say about it not being age-appropriate...I'll be one of those old ladies with two long braids coiled around my head, hahah....

  8. ".I'll be one of those old ladies with two long braids coiled around my head, hahah...."
    Love it! I'll be right there with ya :-)