31 January 2011

Edwardian Harem Pants

Hello and happy new year!  I hope 2011 is treating you well thus far.  
I hope, like me, you enjoyed Downton Abbey.  What a midwinter treat it has been to have something new to watch on Masterpiece Classic.  The fashions were stunning!  I am sure readers of the 21st Century Stunner spotted the lovely Lady Sibyl's daring Poiret-inspired harem pants!  

Jane Austens World has had some wonderful blog posts on the fashions of Downton Abbey, and Jane Austen Today has a fantastic blog post about Lady Sibyl's ensemble, and the styles of Worth and Poiret.  You can read more about "Orientalism" in Edwardian fashion on the Fashion Era website.

I recall that harem pants (in a much less glamorous form) were "in style" a couple of years ago, and when I saw them at Anthropologie and other stores, all I could think of was M. C. Hammer!  However this ensemble from Downton Abbey has given me an entirely new appreciation of the style.

If you have yearning to create your your own Poiret, Folkwear has a pattern for a Poiret Cocoon Coat.