05 April 2011

Updates and Aesthetes

This video includes a very interesting discussion on Aesthetic style (including dress) as a promotion for the V & A's The Cult of Beauty: The Aesthetic Movement 1860-1900 exhibit.  I would love to hear impressions of the exhibit, if any readers are able to visit.  I was just in England and missed the opening by a few of days :-(
But there is hope for those of us in North America; the exhibit should be coming to the de Young Museum (part of the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco) in February 2012.  After having a glimpse at some of the works included in the exhibit, I will certainly be moving heaven and earth to get to San Francisco in 2012!
Even though I missed the exhibition London, I was still able to visit the wonderful V & A (thanks to my tolerant husband and sister-in-law), including the stunning William Morris room,

and had a lovely time perusing the gorgeous jewelry on display, like Andrew Fisher's Wagner Girdle.

Image copyright Victoria and Albert Museum

I also had the pleasure of finally visiting Liberty of London, which was just as lovely as I imagined it would be.

Recently sighted...a rare fashion treat!  Please do check out Herme's blog post at the Pre-Raphaelite Paintings blog on the restoration of Ellen Terry's beetle wing dress, worn in John Singer Sargent's Ellen Terry as Lady Macbeth.

Image copyright Tate Britain Museum


  1. So many delights in this post, I don't know where to begin. You shine and glow like you've just stepped out of a Pre-raphaelite painting yourself! What an incredible trip!

  2. PS. This image of Ellen Terry reminds me of one of the figures in Edwin Austin Abbey's "Castle of the Maidens" mural. Even though I've not found any information about her having been his model, he was friends with Sargent which makes me wonder. Shall we study this up close next week?