28 July 2011

Summer Updates

Hello dear readers, my apologies for the lack of posts.  Flaming June quickly turned into wilting July, and now August approaches and I am behind on many things.

First and foremost, if you have not already done so, please do check out the fundraiser for our dear Stephanie Pina, publisher of lizziesiddal.com and preraphaelitesisterhood.com, and shining light of PRB blog-land.  Her husband Tony suffered a serious accident, which is creating a great deal of financial hardship for their family.  Tony has undergone surgery and is on the mend, but their family could still use your support.  Stephanie gives so much to those of us with an interest in the PRB, including running her online book discussion group, so please take this opportunity to give back, if you are able to.   If you don't wish to contribute directly, the wonderful people of WAG Screen in the UK, creators of "The Lady of Shallott" short film, are donating proceeds from the sale of the "Lady of Shallott" towards the fundraiser for Stephanie and family. 50% of all sales of the film will be donated.

In PRB style round-up news:
Kirsty from The Kissed Mouth just posted a lovely selection of Stunner Style knitting patterns from the Rowan pattern books.  A definite must-see!

Medieval Muse's Arteffex Etsy shop is restocked!  Now is your chance to snatch up a fetching Medieval, Art Nouveau or Renaissance-style bag for summer.

Also spied on Etsy, this glorious Liberty ball gown.   Add it to your favorites, if nothing more than to ogle it longingly :-)

Lately I have been fantasizing about living near the sea.  Must be the day after day of heat indices above 100 degrees F.  This lovely jewel from Parrish Relics takes me to a cool and magical place beneath the ocean!

And finally, if you are a "beautiful image" addict like myself, you don't want to miss out on Pinterest.  It's a place to create style-boards, or just save images that you love, and share them with others.  It's the answer to my prayers!  For years I have been "starring" blog posts I like within my Google Reader, especially posts with lovely images that I wanted to save for inspiration.  But since Reader is viewed as one long list of posts, I found that I never went back to look at anything I had saved.  I would be scrolling forever!  With Pinterest, I can have all of my images in one place and easily viewable for much-needed infusions of beauty, and instant gratification :-)  One of the best features: it automatically links to the page where you found the image.  So no wondering where you first saw something, or forgetting to credit someone.
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Stay cool, dear readers, and have a wonderful August.  Fondly, Robin