23 November 2011

Thank you, Miss Scarlett

American Thanksgiving Day is almost upon us.  I am a big fan of being thankful on a daily basis for life's big things an small things alike, so forgive me if I use TD as a time to be thankful for something a little frivolous.  It takes away the sting of gluttony and family drama that seems to go hand in hand with holidays.  I think all of you stunners would agree, redheads are something to be thankful for.  Where would PRB painting be without them!?  It always pains me a little that, historically, redheads have gotten a bad rap.  Although one of my favorite PRB legends involves the theater usher's disgust and dismay at seeing TWO redheads in one aisle of the theater (dear Lizzie and naughty Swinburne).  There are some very special flaming beauties in my life, including my auburn husband (honey, just ignore that gray!), who apparently used to be called "copper top" (after batteries!) in his youth!  So here is my shout-out to all of you glorious redheads, by nature or by dye, we love you!
And here's to the new wave of 21st century stunning red roses, Florence Welch

and Saoirse Ronan, the face of The Cult of Beauty for the U. S. run of the exhibit (you will remember that Bonny Wright was the lovely red haired fashion muse when the exhibit opened in England).

Please do check out Grace's post on the Vogue fashion spread for CofB over at The Beautiful Necessity!  It is tremendously exciting to see more PRB-inspired fashion editorials so prominently featured.  And don't forget that the exhibit is coming to the Legion of Honor Fine Arts Museum in San Francisco, and will run from February 18 - June 17.  I am going to do my very best to go to this exhibit and report back, and would certainly love to hear your impressions if you are able to go.

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  1. Great post!!

    Can't help but think all the gingers in the famous wizarding family the Weasleys, helped promote the cause too! Bonny Wright was lovely in that photo shoot as is Saoirse Ronan in this one. I bought the magazine after seeing the images on Tumblr!

    "Copper Top" is a fine nickname. My own flame-haired grandfather, Donnie, was simply called "Red" most of his life.