27 July 2012

Ellen von Unwerth

Photographer Ellen von Unwerth's Pre-Raphaelite photo shoot 
"So Full of Dreams," for Italian Vogue, July 2012

12 July 2012

a hiatus...

Even though I subscribe to the "blogging without obligation" school of thought, I am sorry that it has been so long since I have updated.  This blog is by no means dead.  I have just had so much going on this year, including a relocation that is currently in progress.  My husband and I are also expecting twins, which is a major life change, as you can imagine!  So things may continue to be slow around here, until I get settled into my new city, and find my footing as a mother.

I haven't been able to keep up with fashion very much this year, as I have spent a good deal of my pregnancy feeling nauseated and exhausted, but a few things have crossed my radar that I would love to pass on.  I'm completely late to the party on celebrating Stephanie's wonderful Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood tee shirts, which showcase one of my favorite Lizzie Siddal images.  I would imagine most of you have seen these by now :-)  But if not, please hop over to the PRS site!  These are a must-have for any stunner.  They are lovely, and I will certainly be buying one, post-preg ;-)

For a modern take on rational dress, do take a look at the Dress Reform clothing line.  I find it wonderful that Krystal Hoffacker has named her clothing line after the dress reform movement and brought the movements tenets into the 21st century.  Hoffacker “aims to introduce timeless garments, with a touch of the androgynous."
Racer back maxi dress by Dress Reform

For autumn, Trend Hunter reports that designer Samantha Pleet is channeling stunner style: "Inspired by the Pre-Raphaelites and neoclassical architecture, the New York-based Samantha Pleet Fall 2012 collection has an old world charm about it. It focuses on classic beauty to bring timeless staples back into women’s wardrobes. Also, aside from the obvious romantic and feminine qualities of the clothing pieces, there is a neutrality about them that makes them perfect for various personalities and tastes."
Samantha Pleet, Fall 2012- This yellow dress really reminds me of some of the 1970s Gunne Sax Designs
Samantha Pleet, Fall 2012

And not to be missed, stop by the Beautiful Necessity and check out Grace's post on some very Rossetti-inspired knitting from Vogue Knitting magazine.  Simply gorgeous!!

If you think anything wonderful has slipped under my radar, feel free to email me with your PRB style finds.  I'm always thrilled to post them.  Until next time, be well.