03 July 2015

A Return, and Summer Finds for Steamy Stunners

Hello all, I've returned to blogging about Pre-Raphaelite-inspired style. It will be fun to explore with you once again.

Although I try to branch out as much as possible from clothing simply showcasing pictures of PRB works of art, I couldn't help but share this lovely skirt by PurpleFishBowl on Etsy depicting Elizabeth Siddal as Ophelia, floating away to her watery grave.  This skirt is a great length for summer! I'm not really a shorts person, myself.  And goodness knows we all need some options for the hotter months of the year.

M Gazel, the creatress of PurpleFishBowl, also features Waterhouse's "The Lady of Shalott" on this simple but stunning clutch.

Fans of the Brotherhood may also want to check out Yizzam for a somewhat lower price point.  They have many tees featuring artists who may appeal to those who want a more laid back stunner style in the summer.

However, not all tees are key-worded by painting title. You could find this tee by Burne Jones' name, (although no hyphen included) but the company has titled it "mermaid hugging man."  Similarly PurpleFishBowl's items were not tagged with the artists' names, "Pre-Raphaelite" or the paintings' titles.  So it pays to sometimes be creative when searching for unique clothing pieces. I believe I found the Ophelia skirt when I was searching for "artistic dress" pieces.  I was genuinely looking for aesthetic dress inspired creations, but was happy to discover Lizzie in all her glory.

There is always Zazzle, too, of course. But I find the simple rectangle of an image plastered dead center a bit tired (although A+ on the humor front for offering Art Nouveau pacis-- that's a dummy, for our UK readers).

And finally, for something less literal, there's the charmingly titled Pre-Raphaelite shirtwaist on Etsy by RanunculusMarket.  This is one of my favorite shops over which to drool.  The attention to detail is just beautiful and it could be paired with a variety of bottoms to create a lovely summer ensemble.  Maybe we need a signature PRB cocktail for this hideous heat, too. Ideas?


  1. So good to see you back. That skirt is really stunning.

  2. Thanks for inspiring me to start blogging again. xx

  3. It's so lovely to find you! I often see pre-Raphaelite inspired fashion for dress and for the home and think we should be sharing it somewhere - and you are! Love your latest finds. You do not seem to have a 'follow' thingie, but would like to follow your blog.

  4. I am so glad your blogging again. Loved this post!

  5. So happy to see this blog active again! I often found myself returning to your older posts for information and inspiration. Thanks for the new links!

  6. Thank you Mags, LeeAnn, Stephanie and Bronwyn! xxx